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Mount Marty Announces Spring 2011 Foreign Film Offerings

Published Date1\28\2011
Foreign film enthusiasts are invited to join Mount Marty Colleges Gregorian Club for free Sunday afternoon film showings. Films begin at 2:00 p.m. in the Scholastica Learning Center, Room 108 on the Mount Marty College campus. Please note one exception: the film on February 13 will start at 3:30 p.m.

The College first introduced this foreign film experience to the community in 2000. The films are hosted by Sister Cynthia Binder along with Frank and Chris Tudor. Attendees are welcome to engage in discussion about the film following each presentation.

The following films will be shown January 30-March 6:

January 30: Everlasting Moments, Director: Jan Troell, (2008)
In a series of remarkable events inspired by a true story, Maria Heiskanen stars as Maria Larsson, a Finnish mother and housewife who devotes all of her attention, care, and consideration to the well-being of her family -- but, like many homemakers, does so at the expense of her own identity and self-awareness.

February 6: Divorce, Italian Style (Divorzio allitaliana), Director: Pietro Germi (1961)nbsp;
Marcello Mastroianni stars as Ferdinando, a self-centered nobleman whos facing a midlife crisis and has lost all interest in his wife. But theres no divorce in 1960s Italy, so he devises an elaborate scheme for another man to seduce his wife. That would, under Italian law, allow him to kill her with impunity in defense of his honor. Highlights include the fantasy murders Ferdinando imagines as he pursues his goal.

February 13 (late start at 3:30): Winter Light, Director: Ingmar Bergman (1963)
The second of writer-director Ingmar Bergmans trilogy of faith, a suicidal fisherman goes to local priest Tomas Ericsson in search of guidance, but the pastor is equally absorbed in despair, overcome with anger, apathy and doubt. Ericssons severe hopelessness fuels a growing divide between himself, his mistress, his parishioners -- and God -- in Bergmans stark, black-and-white depiction of one mans spiritual crisis.

February 20: Young@Heart, Directors: Stephen Walker, Sally George (2007)nbsp;
Coldplay, the Clash and Jimi Hendrix will never sound the same once youve heard the Young@Heart chorus, a group of Massachusetts senior citizens who thrill audiences worldwide with their unusual -- and unusually poignant -- covers of rock songs. Stephen Walkers humane and heartwarming documentary, which premiered at Sundance in 2008, follows the elderly ensemble as they prepare their latest show for public performances.

February 27: Rififi (Du rififi chez les hommes), Director: Jules Dassin (1955)
Recently released from prison, Tony le Stephanois (Jean Servais) gathers criminals Jo (Carl Mhner), Mario (Robert Manuel) and Cesar (Jules Dassin) for one last heist. But when Tony refuses to give part of the loot to rival gangster Pierre (Marcel Lupovici), Pierre retaliates by kidnapping Jos son. Jules Dassin won the Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival for this French noir caper with English subtitles.

March 6: Seduced and Abandoned, Director: Pietro Germi (1964)

When his 16-year-old daughter (Stefania Sandrelli) is seduced -- and impregnated -- by her sisters flirtatious fianc, Peppino (Aldo Puglisi), the enraged Don Vincenzo (Saro Urzi) sets out to salvage his familys honor. But when Peppino runs away, Vincenzo promptly sends his son (Lando Buzzanca) on an errand to kill him. Pietro Germi directs this outrageously comic follow-up to his internationally successful Divorce Italian Style (1961).