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High School Oral Interp Students Garner Awards at Mount Marty Contest

Published Date11\30\2011
Over 175 area high school students and their coaches participated in the annual Second-Place Oral Interpretation Contest held on the MMC Yankton campus Tuesday, with nearly half of them leaving the competition with hardware. Mount Marty College Department of Speech & Theatre has been hosting the competition for over 40 years, a tradition started by Professor Emeritus Virgil Petrik.

According to Andy Henrickson, Associate Professor of Speech & Theatre, the event is a great way for many of these students to end the oral interp season. “For the majority of the students who were here, this day marked the end of the fall season, and for those graduating this year, may be the last time they compete in a speech competition. To celebrate their accomplishments, their talents, here on our campus is an honor. The energy these students bring to Mount Marty each year is amazing. Unfortunately, these students will not have the opportunity to travel to Pierre this weekend for the State Festival, but the excitement they bring for the activity is wonderful.”

Area high school represented at the contest include Alcester-Hudson (A-H), Beresford (BER), Bon Homme (B-H), Canton (CAN), Centerville (CEN), Ethan (ETH), Irene-Wakonda (I-W), Lennox (LEN), Marion (MAR), Menno (MEN), Parker (PAR), Sioux Falls Lincoln (SFL), Sioux Falls Roosevelt (SFR), Vermillion (VER) and Wagner (WAG). Final results are the following:

SERIOUS DRAMA: Class AA, 1st Alex Beaird (SFL), 2nd Annie Deutscher (SFL), 3rd Jordan Schmidt (SFL); Class A, 1st Josh Beukelman (LEN), 2nd Hannah Fleming (WAG), 3rd Megan Kocer (WAG); Class B 1st Samantha Blake (CEN), 2nd Cheyenne Edelman (MEN), 3rd Brittan Flanagan (ETH).

SERIOUS PROSE: Class AA, 1st Connor Nelson (SFL), 2nd Kate McCoy (SFL), 3rd Brock Gilmer (SFL); Class A 1st Donovan Soulek (WAG), 2nd Rachel Axtell (VER), 3rd Shania Jensen (BER); Class B 1st Kristin Lambert (CEN), 2nd Lilly Trawick (I-W), 3rd Chandler Plucker (PAR).

POETRY: Class AA, 1st Divine Zheng (SFL), 2nd Daisey Hopper (SFL), 3rd Callie Sieh (SFL); Class A, , 1st Jessica Christensen (BER),2nd Lexi Cole (CAN), 3rd Mackenzie Braak (LEN); Class B, 1st Kylie Kessler (MEN), 2nd Clarissa Rahn (CEN), 3rd Cheyenne Sorlie (A-H).

ORATORY: Class AA, 1st Tryyon Smith (SFL), 2nd Callie Sieh (SFL), 3rd Judah Thaemert (SFL); Class A, 1st Rachael Ruba (LEN, 2nd Rachel West (LEN), 3rd Willie Williams (CAN); Class B, 1st Ethan Rahn (CEN), 2nd David Schelske (MEN), 3rd Ashley Schiefen (A-H).

HUMOROUS: Class AA, 1st Hannah Asfeldt (SFL), 2nd Natalie Sogn (SFL), 3rd Daniel Bergeson (SFL); Class A 1st Tyler Youngquist (LEN), 2nd Derek Iverson (VER), 3rd Savannah Kirsch (VER); Class B, 1st Aaron Licht (PAR), 2nd Chandler Plucker (PAR), 3rd Ashley Alvey (SCOT).

DUET INTERP: Class AA, 1st Ponwith/Zheng (SFL), 2nd Hook/Nelson (SFL), 3rd Brick/Haas (SFL); Class A, 1st Cameron/Howe (VER), 2nd Getzin/Marineau (VER), 3rd Zimmerman/Beukelman (LEN); Class B, 1st Blake/Hilt (CEN), 2nd Mehlhaf/Schaeffer (MEN), 3rd Huber/Huber (MEN).

READERS THEATRE: Class AA, 1st SFL 1 (Gilmer, McCoy, Harmacek, Hopper, Lamberty), 2nd SFL 3 (Newcomb-Wieland, McCoy, Downey, Nykamp, Kliewer, Mohror), 3rd SFL 2 (Day, Hammer, Fjellenger, Middleton-Watts, Stewart); Class A, 1st VER 2 (Geis, Granaas, Martineau, Axtell), 2nd VER 1 (LaMie, Card, Iverson), 3rd LEN 1 (Zimmerman, Youngquist, Wipf, Friese); Class B, 1st CEN 1 (Lambert, Rahn, Poll, Stroman, Kaufenberg), 2nd A-H 1 (Reine, Boyer, Morey, Hakl, Wegh, Brown), 3rd CEN 2 (Rahn, Blake, Abbas, Wiesler).