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Luger Chosen for Dept. of Health Residency

Published Date6\19\2012
Mount Marty College's Shelly Luger, the newly announced Division of Nursing Chair and Director of Undergraduate Nursing programs, has been awarded a residency with the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research (APTR) Health Policy Resident Rotation program. Her residency rotation period will take place from July 2 - August 31 of 2012 in Washington, DC.

Luger is currently pursuing her doctorate in nursing practice in organizational leadership from Kansas University and an advanced leadership residency is part of the requirements of that program. The residency she was awarded provides hands-on experience in preventative medicine in a health policy setting.

Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs at Mount Marty College, Bob Tereshinski, views this as a great opportunity for the MMC Community. "Shelly will learn a great deal during her residency program and will then be able to take that directly to her students. It's a unique experience that will benefit everyone involved and the students will be able to learn from a perspective currently uncharted."

Luger will be working with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The AHRQ is part of the department of health and human service and supports the work of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. The AHRQ conducts research and collaborates with other agencies and organization on efforts to improve the delivery of clinical preventive services in health care.

"The residency program will give me an in-depth experience in the process of developing evidence-based recommendations for prevention of illness", explains Luger. "I will participate in a variety of activities including: literature reviews, researching information on epidemiology, governmental meetings, conferences and seminars as well as didactic teaching and journal club sessions focusing on current issues in preventive medicine. It's going to be a full two months of learning, but will be valuable to my leadership role and teaching."

This residency rotation is sponsored through a contract between APTR and AHRQ. This practicum opportunity for Preventive Medicine residents is designed to provide hands-on experience in a health policy setting and will help to understand the construction, implementation, and enforcement of public health policy.

For more information on Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality please visit www.ahrq.gov or for more information on the Mount Marty College nursing department visit www.mtmc.edu/nursing/ or contact Shelly Luger at sluger@mtmc.edu,/a>.