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Mount Marty College Hosts Oral Interpretation Contest

Published Date11\29\2012
Two-hundred and forty students representing nineteen high schools converged on Yankton's Mount Marty College campus to compete in the annual MMC 2nd Place Contest on Tuesday, November 27. The annual contest which began over four decades ago by Professor Emeritus Virgil Petrik is run by MMC's Department of Speech and Theatre. Participating schools included: Alcester-Hudson, Beresford, Bon Homme, Canton, Centerville, Chester Area, Ethan, Hanson, Irene-Wakonda, Marion, Menno, Parker, Scotland, Sioux Falls Lincoln, Sioux Falls O'Gorman, Sioux Falls Washington, Vermillion, Wagner and Yankton.

The following students received 1st and 2nd Place trophies and 3rd Place medals in their respective categories during an awards ceremony held late Tuesday afternoon in Marian Auditorium: Poetry Class AA, 1st - Michelle Haas (SFL), 2nd - Alyse Brown (OG), 3rd - Lydia Simmons (SFW); Class A, 1st - Ashley Haneke (CAN), 2nd - Morgan Fuller (VER), 3rd - Jennifer Huber (CAN); Class B, 1st - Canielle Rang (PAR), 2nd - Miranda Henglefelt (HAN), 3rd - Cheyenne Sorlie (AH). Oratory Class AA, 1st - Tucker Hamnmer (SFL), 2nd - Mary Motz (OG), 3rd - Anna Gaspari (OG); Class A, 1st - Kelsey Meadows (VER), 2nd - Jade Meyers (CAN); Class B, 1st - Miranda Chedester (MAR), 2nd - Shiloe Rich (MEN), 3rd - Meghan Harold (PAR). Serious Drama Class AA, 1st - Mattie Penisten (OG), 2nd - Joe Hiatt (SFL), 3rd - Megan Kueter (OG); Class A, 1st - Morgan Smith (CAN), 2nd - Hope Johnson (BER), 3rd - Taylor Ahrens (BH); Class B, 1st - Brooke Martens (CHES), 2nd - Cheyenna Edelman (MEN), 3rd - Marcus Ireland (AH). Humorous Class AA, 1st - Jessie Sadlon (OG), 2nd - Grace Fjellanger (SFL), 3rd - Alexa Ankrum (SFL); Class A, 1st - Natalie Swanson (VER), 2nd - Michael Kolvek (CAN), 3rd - Wyatt Hanson (VER); Class B, 1st - Aaron Licht (PAR), 2nd - Emily Hanson (HAN), 3rd - Catherine Leber (PAR). Serious Prose Class AA, 1st - Sam Maxwell (OG), 2nd - Daniel Bergeson (SFL), 3rd - Elizabeth Foy (OG); Class A, 1st - Dylan Pritchett (VER), 2nd - Jaclyn Rothschadl (BH), 3rd - Matt Esche (CAN); Class B, 1st - Shiloe Rich (MEN), 2nd - Eva Beeck (AH), 3rd - Savanna Schroeder (HAN). Duet Interp Class AA, 1st - Rames/Haas (SFL), 2nd - Hooker/Eggleston (SFL), 3rd - Kueter/Johnson (OG); Class A, 1st - Howe/Cameron (VER), 2nd - Getzin/Fischer (VER), 3rd - Burgi/Shuurmans (BH); Class B, 1st - Fathke/Gerlach (ETH), 2nd - Alvey/Hagge (SCOT), 3rd - Pollreisz/Hettinger (ETH). Readers Theatre Class AA, 1st - SFL, 2nd - SFL; Class A, 1st - BER 1, 2nd - VER 1 (Knight, Brady, Fuller), 3rd - BH 1 (Karge, Ahrens, Pinkleman); Class B, 1st - CEN 2 (Knutson, Lambert, Rahn), 2nd - IW 1 (Oien, Hauger, Harper, Nielsen, Kirshenmann, Sorenson), 3rd - MAR 1 (Engbrecht, Chedester, Gors).,/p>

"The large attendance at this year's contest speaks well of the fine work being done in our area schools," states Associate Professor of Speech and Theatre, Andy Henrickson, who has chaired the contest for the past sixteen years. "I thank the coaches and administrators for their dedication to giving students an opportunity to use their creativity to develop communication skills. The skills being honed now will make a positive difference in their future endeavors."

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