News Release


Fontanini Bethlehem Village on Display at Mount Marty College

Published Date12\4\2013
A stunning Fontanini Bethlehem Village consisting of over 300 pieces that was donated to Mount Marty College will be on display beginning December 5th throughout the Advent season. The village can be viewed in the MMC Boardroom, located in the Scholastica Learning Center (SLC), Monday through Friday until December 20th from 2-6 PM. A final weekend viewing will also be available December 21-22 from 1-4 PM. The public is welcomed to view the village at no cost.

Ten years ago the Fontanini Bethlehem Village was donated to the College by Father Terry Weber of the Sioux Falls Diocese. The whole village took volunteers just over 40 hours to complete the set up. It includes water features as well as amazing details of that period of time.

"This is much more than a nativity scene," says Director of Campus Ministry, Sr. Maribeth Wentzlaff. "This is a depiction of what life in Bethlehem would have looked like at the time of Jesus's birth. It really brings you into another period of time and reality."

For more information on the village or to arrange for a group visit please contact Mount Marty College Events Coordinator, Wyatt Yager at events@mtmc.edu.