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Bede Art Gallery Presents Pat James

Published Date3\21\2014
Mount Marty College Bede Art Gallery will be hosting artist, Pat James, and her photo-construction exhibit entitled, "From the Hills of Boyd County," will be on display March 31 through April 18. A free reception and gallery talk is scheduled for April 16 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM and open to the public.

Pat James' digital photo-constructions are based on her experiences of walking on her family's pastureland along the Missouri River in Boyd County, Nebraska. This unchannelized section of the river is part of the 39-mile stretch of the Missouri National Recreational River between the Fort Randall Dam in South Dakota and Niobrara, Nebraska. After taking about 150-200 photographs of one area during a period of one to two hours, she selects about 8-12 photographs that seem to belong together. Using Photoshop, she cuts, layers, refines, and moves multiple photographs to compose one columnar image. In many cases, she removes the sky around individual tree branches and ground so that the layers look as if they flow into each other. It's a very time-consuming process.

In some ways it is like working with a puzzle as she attempts to make a unified composition in which all of the pieces seem to belong together. James' goal isn't exact representation of what she sees in nature. Instead, she hopes to evoke a sense of what it is like to walk in the hills and along the river, with changes in scale and directions of light and new discoveries at every turn. She prefers to use a vertical format because it can be a metaphor for the upright human form, and it is also an echo of Chinese landscape painting. Viewers can interact with the landscape as they move imaginatively through the image, stopping on details and continuing on through the interwoven flow of shapes and lines.

The hours for the Bede Gallery Art Gallery are 8 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, and it is located in the lobby of the Marian Auditorium.

For more information on the Bede Art Gallery please visit www.mtmc.edu/arts/bede.aspx or contact Director, David Kahle, at 605-668-1574 or david.kahle@mtmc.edu.