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Prestigious Scholarship Day Recipients Announced

Published Date3\27\2014
Mount Marty College hosted high school seniors for Prestigious Scholarship Day on January 28, 2014. Admitted students with a minimum of a 3.5 high school GPA and a 26 ACT/1170 SAT were eligible to compete for Mount Marty College's most prestigious academic scholarships during this annual event. The scholarships awarded during this event range from up to $1,500 (on top of previously awarded academic scholarship) to the full-tuition Presidential Scholarship ($20,000+/year).

Since notification of results in February, all three Presidential Scholarship recipients and several Scholastica Scholarship recipients have committed to attend MMC this fall.

 "With this level of academic achievement, we respect that these students have many options for continuing their education," states Mount Marty College director of admissions, Jill Paulson. "Therefore, we are honored to be among their top choices and are pleased to offer them these additional scholarship funds in recognition of their accomplishments while in high school. We are excited to welcome these students to the Mount Marty College community and look forward to helping them to realize all the opportunities await them here and in their future careers."

The following students were awarded scholarships from the Prestigious Scholarship Day:
Fresno - Francisco Gomez-Alvarado, Design Science High School/Scholastica Scholarship

Council Bluffs - Felicia Roppe /Scholastica Scholarship
Merrill - Jennifer Vondrak /Scholastica Scholarship

Ivanhoe - Morgan Citterman /Scholastica Scholarship
Robbinsdale - Quinn Koenen/Scholastica Scholarship

Creighton - Emily Boyle/Scholastica Scholarship
Crofton - Drew Eskins/Scholastica Scholarship
Kearney - Philip Vornhagen/Scholastica Scholarship
Norfolk - Paige Blackman/Scholastica Scholarship
O'Neill - Jean Zakrzewski/Presidential Scholarship
O'Neill - Erin Boyle/Presidential Scholarship

Edmond - Melvin Gabel/Scholastica Scholarship

Bison - Christopher Morris/Scholastica Scholarship
Chester - Rachel Reiff /Scholastica Scholarship
Dell Rapids - Anna Wolles /Scholastica Scholarship
Fruitdale - Fehrin Ward/Scholastica Scholarship
Harrisburg - Cody Willett/Scholastica Scholarship
Lake Preston - Cole Casper/Scholastica Scholarship
Mount Vernon - Deric Dennning/Scholastica Scholarship
Springfield - Hannah Buchholz/Presidential Scholarship
Valley Springs - Taylor Wingert/Scholastica Scholarship