Certificate in Practical Nursing (LPN)

2016 - 2017

Program Length: 53 Credit Hours

Full-Time Student
12-18 credit hours
Tuition $22,336 per year
Program Support Fee $1,970 per year
Overload (over 18 cr hrs) $570 per credit hr.
Multiple Room + Board $7,326 per year
Single Room + Board $8,774 per year
Large Single $8,774 per year
Small Single w/o Private Bath $8,060 per year
Double or Quad w/ Private Bath $8,774 per year
*Large Single/Private Bath Whitby $10,220 per year
Part-Time Student
Tuition (1-8 cr hrs) $492 per credit hr.
Tuition (9-11 cr hrs) $940 per credit hr.
Program Support Fee $45 per credit hr.
Graduation Fee $75
Nursing Fee $145 per course
Professional Liability Insurance/Assessment Fee
Required of All Clinical Courses
$110 per semester

The charges listed identify the various costs that could pertain to a student's account. Each individual's costs will vary as circumstances may vary. If you have any questions concerning the tuition and fees, please contact the Business Office at (605) 668-1575.