Yankton Undergrad Costs

2013 - 2014
Full Time Student
12-18 credit hours
Tuition $21,062 per year
Program Support Fee* $1,830 per year
Overload (over 18 cr hrs) $520 per credit hr.
Multiple Room + Board $6,646 per year
Single Room + Board $7,958 per year
Wellness Fee $50 per semester
Part-Time Student
Tuition (1-3 cr hrs) $338 per credit hr.
Tuition (4-8 cr hrs) $492 per credit hr.
Tuition (9-11 cr hrs) $878 per credit hr.
Program Support Fee* $40 per credit hr.
Audit Fee (1-8 cr hrs) $156 per credit hr.
Audit Fee (9 hrs & above) $239 per credit hr.
Audit Program Support Fee $45 per credit hr.
Student Health Insurance (estimated) $1,140 per yr.
Graduation Fee $75
Written Challenge Exam $338 per credit hr.
Individual Music Lessons - for Non-Music Majors $60 per credit hr.
Academic Transcript $5 per copy
Nursing Fee $145 per course
Professional Liability Insurance/Assessment Fee - Required of All Clinical Courses $105 per semester

The charges listed identify the various costs that could pertain to a student's account. Each individual's costs will vary as circumstances may vary. If you have any questions concerning the tuition and fees, please contact the Business Office at (605) 668-1575.

*Program Support Fee consists of - Use of library, parking, academic advising, lab fees, student activities, campus ministry, counseling, publications, athletic events, placement office, learning center, health services, laptop for full time students, wireless network infrastructure, computer labs (printers), IT help desk, and paper usage.