Heather Maag '16

watertown graduate

degree: bachelor of arts in PSYCHOLOGY

Why Mount Marty?

Heather Maag always knew she wanted to continue her education after high school. Her difficulty, she says, came in trying to decide what to study. Once she landed on psychology, however, she was determined to finish her undergraduate degree. And once she found Mount Marty College, she knew exactly where she wanted to make that happen.

“The first day I went in to ask questions about the school, I left with all the answers I needed,” she says.

Mount Marty Impact

Not only has completing her degree at MMC built Heather’s confidence, but it’s also encouraged her to set new goals for her education and career.

“Going to college and getting a degree is a wonderful feeling,” she says. “I was able to expand my knowledge in a field I was interested in, and now I will be able to find a career that I actually want to do. Now that I have graduated and have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I ultimately plan to get my master’s to become a marriage/relationship counselor.”

The MMC Values

MMC’s emphasis on family and community were important factors for Heather, who also valued being able to complete her degree so close to her hometown of Florence, South Dakota.

“Having Mount Marty College in Watertown was a blessing for me,” she says. “It gave me the opportunity to stay close to home while furthering my education. It’s a wonderful college with a wonderful staff whom I felt were excited to have me there.”