Above, Sarah Brandt shares her experiences as a Mount Marty student. Below, get to know Sarah a little bit more. 


Sarah Brandt

Business management and accounting '18

Jackson, MN


Why did you choose Mount Marty?

I was initially attracted to Mount Marty because of the small campus and because of the Catholic base behind it. I decided to come here because of the accounting department; I really liked the professors that I met when I toured campus.


What has been the best part of your Mount Marty experience?

My friends and my professors and all the connections I’ve been able to make here. It’s really like a family here. I can talk to my professors about more than just class, I can go to them with questions about my personal life, like getting a loan or buying a house, and I know they’ll be willing to talk to me about it. I can’t imagine being anywhere else and making the same connections.

Also, I really enjoy living in Yankton. I think it’s the perfect size for a town, it’s not too big, and it’s not too small. I plan to stay here after graduation just because I like how beautiful it is all year around.


How have you gotten involved in the campus community?

Since I’ve been at Mount Marty I’ve been involved in Campus Ministry, Catholic Leadership, Prayer Partners, Business Club, tutoring, orientation, Residence Life, a lot of different things, but in high school, I was very shy. Mount Marty’s supportive environment has allowed me to get outside of my box and be more confident in what I know and what I’m able to do. It’s the small campus and having people rooting for you in every aspect that makes it possible. I’m not an actor, but last year I took an acting class and this year I volunteered to be in a play which is something I would never have done before.


Why are you grateful you chose Mount Marty?

I’m grateful I came to MMC because of everything I’ve gained since high school. Everything has fallen into place because I’ve been here, so I guess you could say I’m grateful for a lot more than I can list. I don’t know how to put it into words.