Clinical & Internships

MMC offers small clinical groups to maximize learning opportunities in the clinical setting. Clinical experiences takes place at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital, Avera Wagner Community Hospital, Mickelson Center for Neurosciences, Community and Home Health Nursing Agencies, area nursing homes, and other community and area agencies.

BSN students begin supervised clinical experience in the sophomore year and continues throughout the program. Practical Nursing students begin their clinical experiences in the fall semester with the start of their nursing courses and continue throughout the program. Students are introduced to current technologies used in quality nursing care. The MMC nursing curriculum combines a core of pre-professional studies and nursing courses to help develop personal and professional competence.

Many BSN students participate in highly coordinated internships that promote professional networking and enhance clinical reasoning and technical skills. MMC Nursing students have participated in internships at Mayo Clinic, Sanford Facilities, Avera Facilities and other clinical agencies throughout the region.