Nursing Clinical Lab

MMC nursing students will receive excellent classroom, laboratory, and clinical experience. The MMC nursing health science lab is designed specifically to develop clinical practice skills with the use of low, moderate and high fidelity simulation. Mount Marty's nursing lab is the home to simulator manikins ranging from infant to adult with ability to simulate a variety of different levels of health conditions. Pediatric and adult manikins have lifelike features including heart and lung sounds, voice responses, and seizures. To enhance student learning, a control room is located in the center of the clinical skills lab to allow nursing instructors to evaluate simulation experiences without being directly at the bedside.

Additional equipment is used within the clinical lab to simulate care provided in hospital and clinic settings. Crash carts, IV pumps, oxygen and suction supplies are all utilized to create an innovative learning environment. The nursing lab provides a space where students can build clinical reasoning skills and practice quality and safe care. Within the clinical lab experiences, students demonstrate quality and safe nursing care, teamwork, collaboration, and effective communication.