Purpose of Organization

The purpose of MMC Intramurals is to provide an opportunity for every student to take part in competitive and non-competitive recreational sports and activities. The objectives of MMC Intramurals are as follows:

  • To provide opportunities for individual and team development through various recreational activities.
  • To provide opportunities for social interaction and the development of lasting friendships
  • To provide leadership and fellowship opportunities through group participation and team work
  • To provide opportunities for every individual, regardless of their skill ability or past experience
  • To provide opportunities for the development of positive attitudes toward physical activity throughout life.

Membership Requirements

Yoga PosterAny student currently enrolled at Mount Marty College, faculty or staff member at MMC are eligible to participate in intramurals. Note: A waiver must be signed by every individual participating in intramurals before eligible to play.


There are currently two student intramural directors. The directors plan and implement the sports leagues for the year. They are in charge of scheduling the games and holding captains meetings so captains of the teams are aware of the game rules and sportsmanship policies. The student directors are also the officials for the intramural games.

Intramural Calendar

Flag Football September
Dodgeball Tournament Homecoming week
Broomball November - December
Co-Ed Basketball November - December
Three on Three Basketball Tournament Fall Semester & Spring Semester
Three Point Shoot-Out Contest February - March
Co-Ed Volleyball April-May

Organization Information

Email: [email protected]

Facebook:   MMC Intramurals

Advisor Information

Lisa Willcockson
Director of Student Activities
(605) 660-1302
[email protected]