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Tobacco Prevention Education Resources
The following resources are available at Mount Marty College Student Health Office in Roncalli 215 for students, faculty and staff in use for tobacco prevention education in or out of the classroom. You can email [email protected] or call 688-1587 to reserve any of the resources or ask questions about a specific resource.
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Smokeless Tobacco Prevention Education Resources
Mr. Gross Mouth - Life-size replica of the teeth, tongue, and gums features lifelike detail of the disgusting oral damage done by smokeless tobacco. This hand painted, realistic hinged model comes mounted on a wooden display.

Mr. Dip Lip - The unique interactive model which opens and closes from the back and lips retract to show the damage done in the inner lips, gums, and teeth by smokeless tobacco. The face is a BIOLIKE 2 TM for a realistic look and feel. The model comes with a stand.

Consequences of Smokeless Tobacco Use 3-D display - Graphic display of eight gruesome models, depicting everything from rotten teeth to baseball-size tumor caused by chewing smokeless tobacco. It comes in a self-contained carrying case 28"x27" opened.

Spit Tobacco Kills - A DVD

Smokeless Tobacco Education Facilitators guide

Smokeless Tobacco Flip chart with pamphlets - highlights the dangers of smokeless tobacco

Effects and Hazards of Smokeless Tobacco - folding display

Cigarette Smoking Prevention Education Resources
Clem's Phlegm Display - Attention-getting sealed jar that demonstrates one of the nasty consequences of smoking. It depicts 2 weeks' worth of phlegm that is coughed up by a smoker. Smoking causes thick mucus to build up in the lungs which causes smokers to continue to cough until they can expel thick, nasty liquid.

A Year's Worth of Tar Model - Tar is sealed in an easy-to-handle, shatterproof contained that allows everyone to get a first had look at the gooey, cancer causing liquid created by cigarette smoke. It represents the amount of tar that goes through the lungs of a half-pack-a-day smoker in the span of one year.

Tainted Blood: Smokers' Blood Revealed Display - The display shows inside the body how smoking causes damage to the blood stream. This model looks like a cigarette on the outside , but inside is a representation of an artery where carbon monoxide is keeping oxygen from flowing to the body's organs and muscles, as well as the plaque buildup caused by smoking and poisons from cigarette smoke traveling through the blood stream. There is a two sided tent card explaining the model in detail and gives additional information about the dangers of smoking.

Tobacco Ingredients Display - The model helps the viewer understand how unhealthy cigarette smoking is by associating the chemicals in smoke with common disgusting substances also containing that chemical. It comes with a take home companion piece handout that covers the chemicals represented in the display and lists even more toxic chemicals that are found in cigarette smoke and other scary substances.

Consequences of Secondhand Smoke 3-D Display - the eight powerful models on this display quickly snuff out any notion that secondhand smoke is harmless. Lifelike representations of a heart attack, emphysema, and nasal and sinus cancer are depicted in this self-contained carry case that opens to 28" x 27".

Consequences of Smoking 3-D Display - eight graphic models reveal how tobacco transforms normal, healthy organs into something out of horror movie. It features emphysematous and cancerous lungs, a premature baby, and stroke-affected brain. It comes in a self-contained carrying case and opens to 28"x27".

Face the Facts - Smoking Is Ugly 3-D Display-the model shows the truth about how smoking can dramatically affect your appearance. When the outer face model is peeled off, the viewer discovers the wrinkles, pale gray skin, hollow cheeks and skin cancer that can be caused by smoking.

Lou-Wheeze Smokers Lungs Comparison Model - the two lung models illustrate the difference of a healthy lung and a lung that is affected by cigarette smoke. A bellows pump inflates the lungs, the healthy one deflates easily, while the diseased one struggles to expel its air before the next breath.

Simulated Smoker's Lung Comparison Kit with Dual Rack - A set of simulated smoker's lungs and healthy pig lungs mounted side by side for comparison. The lungs feature palpable tumors, and shows the effects of smoking when the lung is inflated. There is a dried lung for closer inspection.

The Tarminator - model demonstrates how unpolluted and polluted air affects the lungs by the use of a pump with clear water and a pump with tar mixture that is pumped through tubes carried to a filter depicting the lungs. It shows the brownish color of tar and how the lung absorbs tiny particles in cigarette smoke. It comes with filters that can be passed around for a closer look.

How Smoking Destroys Your Lung Defenses - Model shows healthy lung cilia and unhealthy cilia caused by cigarette smoking.

Nicotine and the Brain - DVD shows how nicotine affects the brain and why it is so addictive.

Secondhand Smoke: A Matter of Life and Breath - DVD talks about the effects of secondhand smoke on the nonsmokers.

We Love Cigarettes - DVD talks about the history of smoking cigarettes.

ABC's of Smoking - power point presentation which shows the effects of smoking on every organ in the body.

Effects and Hazards of Smoking - power point presentation.

Smoking Prevention Bingo - game.

The Truth about Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco - game which has 75 fact-filled question cards to get players to think about the dangers of substance abuse. It can be played with two or more players and the topic cards can be divided to cover the topics separately.

Smokey Eyes Game Kit - The kit features special goggles that simulate the effects of macular degeneration a vision robbing disease closely associated with smoking. The kit comes with five stress balls, four toss balls, a catch bucket, and activity guide with reproducibles.

Folding Displays provide a variety of tobacco related education facts:
Effects and Hazards of Smoking, Tobacco-What you Know, Tobacco Industry Tricks, Smoking - Don't Get Burned, and Hazards During Pregnancy and Smoking and Your Baby Charts for use in the classroom: A picture of Health Flip Chart and leaders guide, Effects of Secondhand Smoke chart

A Closer Look at Tobacco - 3D display table top display shows how Big Tobacco doesn't like holding their product under a microscope as this display does. It has ultra-realistic facsimiles of every type of tobacco product enclosed behind Plexiglas. It reflects recent changes in tobacco laws and an entire section devoted to flavored products with eye-candy packaging to make them more appealing to young people.

What Mommy Does Baby Does - 3-D model illustrates how alcohol, tobacco, and other substances can cross the placenta and damage the fetus. It can be used in education or on display.

4-Piece Bronchus model - demonstrates the tissue changes that occur during asthma and chronic bronchitis with this four stage cross section model

Tobacco money - facsimiles $100 bills which illustrate the costs associated with tobacco use not only with health but with your pocket book

Shortness of Breath Cigarettes - facsimile plastic cigarette to depict the effects of lung damage from smoking.