Honor & Memorial Program

Tributes and Blessings Honor & Memorial Program

Whether it is in times of grief over the loss of a loved one or in the moments of joy that accompany accomplishments and milestones, it is common to send one's tributes and blessings.

Mount Marty College offers an opportunity to honor a friend or family member or to memorialize a deceased loved one while furthering the work of educating today's Mount Marty College students. .

Give and Tributes and Blessings gift of any amount
    • The honoree - or, in the case of a memorial, the person's immediate family - will receive a card conveying the donor's intentions (the amount will be kept confidential).
    • The donor will receive a thank you card.
    • The honoree will be recognized in the Tributes & Blessings section of Mount Marty's Honor Roll of Donors.
    • Mount Marty friends and benefactors are remembered in prayer monthly during Mass in Bishop Marty chapel.
    • Tributes and Blessings gifts may be designated to an endowed scholarship.
Send your special Tributes & Blessings gift now or call (605) 668-1542 for more information. You can make your gift now with your secure online form.