Mother Jerome Schmitt Presidential Scholarship Application

Submit a 1200 word narrative addressing the three topics listed below.  

1)    If you were Mother Jerome Schmitt and starting a college, what would be your overall mission for the college and what values do you see necessary to make your vision a reality?

2)    How does the Rule of Saint Benedict shape the ideals of Mount Marty College and how are these ideals exemplified by the college community?

3)    How has your education at Mount Marty College influenced you currently and how do you see your degree path creating your future?

Provide a list of clubs and activities (college and civic) in which you participated during your time at Mount Marty College and the extent of your involvement with each.

Contact (2) persons you have asked for recommendations and direct them to the online Mother Jerome Schmitt Recommendation form.

Submit your Mother Jerome Schmitt verificationapplicationparticipation list and recommendations to the Mount Marty Academic Affairs Office by 5:00pm, February 8, 2019.

Mother jerome schmitt presidential scholarship application