Outside Resources

scholarships, grants or loans not awarded by the government or Mount Marty College

The following resources are from agencies outside Mount Marty College. We encourage you to take a look at each one as they all have different qualifications and deadlines. You are required to report any outside resource to the school's financial aid office. If you fail to report an outside resource, you may be required to repay the school or the government all or part of your need-based financial aid package.

Outside Resources, listed by the application deadline:


(october 2019)


brian meyer memorial SCHOLARSHIP
AMOUNT: $1, 250 & $500
DEADLINE: 10/31/2019

The applicant must be a member/customer or have a parent or legal guardian that is a member/customer of an SDTA member company. Please make as many copies of the enclosed application form as needed. Additionally, if possible, please include a link to our online application on your scholarship webpage: https://sdta.memberclicks.net/sdta­scholarships. If you have any questions or comments, please contact SDTA at 605-224-7629. 


(november 2019)

(December 2019)

Health wholeness scholarship
amount: $1,000
deadline: 12/1/2019

Open to all undergraduate students. Submit 1,000 - 1,500 word essay on the topic: "Discuss the Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Health Advice and Self-Diagnosis Online". For more information and to apply online please go to: https://healthwholeness.com/scholarship


expo marketing SCHOLARSHIP
AMOUNT:  $1,000
DEADLINE: 12/01/2019

Scholarship opportunity for women majoring in business. Application must be submitted on scholarship page found at: https://www.expomarketing.com/scholarship


smartphone awareness scholarship
AMOUNT:  $1,000
DEADLINE: 12/15/2019

Answer an essay question. More information can be found at the following website: https://www.theparrishlawfirm.com/smartphone-overuse-awareness-scholarship


biology majors scholarship
AMOUNT:  $1,000
DEADLINE: 12/31/2019

GPA of 2.5. Must provide written essay on the topic: Why study biology and choose it as your career? All essay submissions should be sent to: scholarship@biologydictionary.net. For more information please visit: https://biologydictionary.net/biology-dictionary-scholarship/


(januarY 2020)

ABA Scholarships
AMOUNT:  varied

The field of Applied Behavior Analysis is constantly evolving, with new programs, new accreditation, more consistency and guidelines and improved oversight. Behavior Analysts can use technology and various scientifically-backed strategies to change behavior. Check out our list of scholarships available to aspiring BCBAs here: https://abaprogramsonline.com/scholarships/


(february 2020)

AMOUNT: $1,000
DEADLINE: 2/10/2020

Hy-Vee is proud to support higher education and encourage you to apply for a scholarship. Everyone has an equal chance to obtain 1 of 80 scholarships being awarded. Qualified students are eligible to apply every year. Program guidelines and application form are available on www.hyvee.com.


Sentient furniture scholarship
AMOUNT: $1,000
DEADLINE: 2/28/2020

SENTIENT Furniture strives to infuse artistic ideas and thoughts into our work. We are passionate about original concepts and creative thinking. To be able to come up with original ideas and communicate them to a wider audience is important in any industry and is a crucial component in inspiring new advances for the future. We have the aim of promoting creative-minded students who will soon be using their much-needed skills in their chosen industry by offering a financial step-up in their studies. To win the scholarship, applicants will need to explore how they’ve used their creative talents to achieve at their college or university. To apply, please visit: https://www.sentientfurniture.com/scholarship


(april 2020)

mattress nerd sustainability scholarship
AMOUNT: $1,000
DEADLINE: 4/1/2020

Mattress Nerd has been paying attention to the many voices of students across the globe who have recently been calling for a change in our living habits and the way we consume and recycle. They are working in an industry where new technology is being developed all of the time to ensure that mattresses will be longer-lasting and produced with more environmental materials, and we want to ensure that our readership understands the options available to them to be mindful with their mattress disposal. They would love to hear from more students with a dedication to sustainability and conscientious buying so we can build on our own knowledge and be a contributor to offering an insight on how people can live more environmentally friendly. The best essay will be awarded with a $1000 scholarship for their contribution to this important cause. For more information and to apply, visit: https://www.mattressnerd.com/scholarship/.


(june 2020)

the masculine development fitness scholarship
AMOUNT: $1,000
DEADLINE: 6/30/2020

Masculine Development is proud to announce this year’s Fitness Scholarship Program! We understand how important an education is, so we’re offering eligible students the opportunity to win a $1,000 scholarship, as a way to help cut down on the steep cost of a high quality education. We focus on science-based fitness, and as of today, eligible students can submit an essay on the topic of “The Importance of Physical Fitness on Campus” for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship prize. To apply or more information, visit https://www.masculinedevelopment.com/fitness-scholarship/.


(august 2020)

teachguide SCHOLARSHIP
AMOUNT: $1,000
DEADLINE: 8/1/2020

Teachinguide is excited to contribute to students and aspiring online teacher with our first scholarship. The scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate student who can demonstrate their vision towards online learning in a self-reflective essay. For more information and to apply, please visit: https://teachinguide.com/scholarship.


ted & Stacey's scholarship for brilliant business students
AMOUNT: $1,000
DEADLINE: 8/1/2020

Here at Ted & Stacey’s Mattress Guides, we place education above all else and are looking for candidates who do the same. We strive to reward talentedhardworking, and promising college students who show the potential to excel academically and in the business world. Our Ted & Stacey Scholarship program is a $1,000 scholarship that will be granted to our selected candidate for the 2020 academic year. Learn more about our scholarship here: https://www.mattress-guides.net/scholarships/.


hotel planner graduate SCHOLARSHIP for military veterans
AMOUNT: $1,000
DEADLINE: 8/15/2020

The HotelPlanner Scholarship Program was designed to provide financial assistance to veterans of the United States military, along with the spouse/partner and children of U.S. military veterans, who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree related to technology. For more information and to apply, please visit: https://www.hotelplanner.com/Scholarship/.


(October 2020)

coupondbirds help to save SCHOLARSHIP
AMOUNT: $1,000
DEADLINE: 10/10/2020

CouponBirds has implemented a "Help to Save" scholarship for students who need help with their college tuition fees. This program requires the participants interested in applying to complete a small survey and upload a 3-5 minute video about their habits during the shopping season and thoughts on the relationship between shopping season and coupon websites. Individuals with the best ideas and responses will be chosen to give a presentation at our site, and the person with the most intriguing ideas will receive a grand prize. For more information and to apply, please visit: https://www.couponbirds.com/scholarship.


(december 2020)

AMOUNT: $1,000
DEADLINE: 12/15/2020

The HotelPlanner Scholarship Program was designed to provide financial assistance to veterans of the United States military, along with the spouse/partner and children of U.S. military veterans, who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree related to technology. For more information and to apply, please visit: https://www.hotelplanner.com/Scholarship/.


brain reference scholarship
AMOUNT: $1,500 & $500
DEADLINE: 12/31/2020

The BrainReference.com Scholarship Program was created in hopes that it may encourage students in various health fields to work toward a future in which brain-related problems can be controlled. A 1,500-2,000 word essay is required and four winners will be chosen based on the quality of the submitted essay. For more information on the essay and how to apply, visit https://www.brainreference.com/scholarship-essay/.